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EBL LEXINGTON Avocats is composed of practitioners with various fields of expertise who share common values

Created in 2012, EBL LEXINGTON Avocats sets itself apart by its pragmatism, dynamism, creativity and international outlook. The firm is part of the Warwick Legal Network (www.warwicklegal.com), which spans 26 countries, mostly in Europe.

EBL LEXINGTON Avocats is composed of practitioners with various fields of expertise who share common values: rigour, involvement, transparency and loyalty. The law practice also thrives on the diversity of its clientele, across various lines of business.

The purpose of EBL LEXINGTON Avocats is to support its clients through all stages of their development and to provide appropriate answers to the issues they might face.

Companies and financing

LEXINGTON Avocats gets involved in the daily lives of companies as well as in the context of the exceptional events they may encounter (e.g. external growth operations, demerger, financing, negotiation of management packages, economic difficulties).

The practice of the firm’s lawyers on these subjects is the result of extensive experience, allowing them to complement their recognised technical expertise with an intimate knowledge of the issues faced by these trades.

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NameArnaud Demont

Business law

With a solid practice of contract law and general commercial law, LEXINGTON Avocats positions itself as a long-term partner for companies.

The firm offers creative and innovative solutions to meet its clients’ daily needs.

It also intervenes with its clients in all strategic stages of a company’s life.

Labour relations

LEXINGTON Avocats intervenes in all fields of labour law, both as a counsel and litigator. It provides guidance to French and foreign companies in the context of the daily management of their human resources and during large-scale projects (mass redundancies, restructuring, relocations, transfers and acquisitions, etc.).

The firm also advises directors and executives during negotiations upon their hiring or departure.

The practice of the firm is marked by realism and the asserted will to limits its clients’ exposure to legal risks.

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NameKarine Clolus-Dupont

Intellectual property

LEXINGTON Avocats has a team of experts dedicated to all issues having to do with the protection, defence and development of intellectual property rights. The firm takes action, both as a counsel and litigator, on behalf of a French and foreign clientele notably comprised of numerous players in the luxury goods, video game, sports, media and technological industries. LEXINGTON Avocats’ expertise is particularly recognised as regards to the fight against counterfeiting and its international network enables the firm to initiate actions both in France and abroad. In addition, the firm has created a specific department dedicated to the protection and defence of trademarks and domain names.

Being aware of the growing issues related to the protection of intangible creative work, the intellectual property department offers a comprehensive service always in line with the economic approach of the right holder.

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NameLaurent Lévy

Competition and distribution

LEXINGTON Avocats guides its clients through the definition and implementation of their trade policy as well as for the distribution of their products and services. Specifically, its expertise is recognised as regards to the creation and development of franchise, dealer and distribution networks, in the definition of selective or exclusive distribution policies, as well as in the drafting of general terms.

LEXINGTON Avocats assists its clients in all types of disputes relating to distribution and competition issues, notably in situations of discriminatory practices, unfair competition and product delisting, as well as in the case of trade relations' termination.

Litigation and arbitration

LEXINGTON Avocats has a team of experienced professionals in the field of commercial, civil and penal litigation, proceedings for enforcement and arbitration.

The firm takes part in actions before civil, commercial, criminal, labour and administrative courts, during all stages of proceedings : elaboration of the strategy, drafting of relevant documents, oral arguments, enforcement of decisions. The firm has also developed a refined expertise in terms of proceedings for enforcement, making it possible to safeguard its clients’ interests in the best possible way, whether it be before a trial, though protective measures or via the enforcement of the decisions rendered.

Moreover, LEXINGTON Avocats assists and represents its clients before arbitral courts, within the framework of institutional or ad hoc proceedings. As regards to the settlement of disputes, the firm also specialises in all alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and conciliation.

Building and real estate

LEXINGTON Avocats intervenes in the real estate sector to assist its clients for all types of building, promotion, sales, acquisition and management operations. The firm guides its clients through the development of their real estate projects (sales, acquisitions, legal and financial structuring and drafting of relevant contracts). The firm also advises its clients with a view to optimising the organisation of their real estate holdings.

LEXINGTON Avocats has developed a specific and recognised expertise in litigation which, in partnership with specialised professionals – bailiffs, architects, engineers, real estate appraisal experts, etc. – enables the firm to assist and represent its clients throughout the various stages of proceedings.

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NameMathieu Moundlic

Sports and media

LEXINGTON Avocats intervenes in issues specifically related to sports law, and more particularly in the field of merchandising, merchandise management, licensing and for the drafting and negotiation of sponsorship and endorsement contracts.

Within this framework, LEXINGTON Avocats supports, both as a counsel and litigator, a French and foreign clientele notably comprised of professional sports teams (football and rugby), professional sports leagues and athletes.

LEXINGTON Avocats also intervenes in the media sector and, generally speaking, in the entertainment business, notably by representing the interests of broadcasters, radio stations, music and audiovisual production companies and video game publishers.

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NameOlivier d'Abo

Information technologies

LEXINGTON Avocats assists its clients for the implementation, development and running of their technological projects, notably as regards to software, the Internet and telecommunications.

The firm also has an established practice in the field of regulations and personal data protection.

Tax law

LEXINGTON Avocats specialises in fiscal matters, enabling the firm to assist its clients in the context of the daily issues they face (VAT, transfer pricing, fiscal integration, etc.) and of the exceptional operations they might take part in (structuring of acquisitions, management packages, etc.).

Being aware that fiscal optimisation and security have become decisive issues in the business world, the firm brings its clients creative and rational solutions.

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NameArnaud Demont


Compliance is about building a new legal culture for our clients, which requires us to look beyond strict legal obligations. Lexington Avocats views the promotion of compliance as a key to create value, which can only be achieved with and through a complete understanding of its clients’ activities and culture. This is the first step in implementing efficient processes and tools tailored to the business.

Implementing the GDPR requires different legal skills depending on the activities of the company in question and the data being processed. With this in mind, Lexington Avocats creates versatile, multi-disciplinary teams (i.e., associates and partners from different departments and with different expertise) to better respond to our clients’ need. This synergy enables our clients to benefit from a consistent approach, combined with the relevant expertise for all their issues. In addition, we regularly work in coordination with consulting firms (IT) or any other useful technical experts. We are able to offer either tailored full-service support in order to deliver entire projects, or discrete ad hoc assistance and advice on specific issues that arise.

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