Offre Sectorielle

Real estate and construction

People and companies working in the real estate sector face significant challenges: traditions are being reinvented in both commercial and residential real estate, and in construction itself. Shared spaces, coworking, co-rentals, serviced residences, sustainable development and smart cities are at the heart of the stakeholders’ concerns, and these developments require them to challenge the current models and to innovate.

The issues are fascinating, but they involve defining new approaches.

Our team has worked alongside real estate professionals for years.

We help them structure their projects, anticipate legal risks and defend their interests before the relevant authorities. We work in partnership with specialized professionals – judicial officers and bailiffs, architects, engineers, experts in the various construction trades or in real estate appraisals – whenever these partnerships can prove useful.

More singularly, we have developed recognized expertise in the area of individual residential construction. Over the years, we have built relationships based on a solid foundation of trust with the major players in this sector. 

Our services:

  • Construction
  • Real estate development
  • Acquisition and financing
  • Real estate management (leases, commercial and residential, co-ownership)
  • Optimization of real estate assets
  • Architecture law