Offre Sectorielle


Sports is a unique sector: the financial stakes are considerable, but it is also an area that represents strong values and universality.

It is a business, and yet so much more!

We identify with the spirit of sports and the values we associate with it. We support our clients, leaders in the sports industry (clubs, federations and leagues, sports equipment manufacturers, sports marketing agencies, etc.) in all legal issues they may encounter, both through advice and in litigation. We provide them with the legal skills they need to optimize their business models, develop their activities and continue to innovate.

We seek to advise you on the issues you may encounter. We offer comprehensive legal services and intervene on economic and commercial matters (sponsorship, ticketing, equipment and installations, ambush marketing, image rights management, lotteries and games, competitions, contractual disputes), and on purely organizational aspects (creation of a sports company, structuring and spin-off of activities).

We also accompany our clients that seek amicable solutions to disputes (mediation and conciliation), and, if necessary, we are prepared to “get into the ring” to assist you before the relevant authorities (civil, commercial, or administrative courts, or professional bodies)

Our services:

  • Ambush marketing issues
  • Sponsoring, mentoring and partnership contracts
  • Merchandising, Derivative merchandise management, Licensing
  • Employment contracts/Training contracts 
  • Regulatory advice
  • Ticketing for sports events 
  • Creation of companies in the sports sector
  • The hospitality sector
  • Right to image
  • Lotteries / games
  • Advertising / The Évin Law
  • Civil, commercial and disciplinary actions.