Offre Sectorielle

IT Digital Media

Today’s information and digital technologies provide a vital force for all human activities, whether they are carried out in the professional arena or in the private sphere in the leisure sector.

Companies specializing in the fields of information technology, digital and media need advice to protect and secure the development of their innovations and their activities. User companies also need to be supported in the deployment of projects for which IT and digital are inherently structuring.

Working in support of these priorities mobilizes very specific legal skills: IT law, personal data law and intellectual property law.

We are specialists in these areas, which are at the heart of these issues. Because we are so knowledgeable about the sector in which your business operates, we are also in a position to assist you with the daily aspects of management and development of your business.

Our services:

  • Structuring of IT and telecoms projects
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Intellectual Property: protection of brands, patents and know-how
  • Commercial contracts and strategic partnerships
  • External growth transactions and raising capital
  • HR Management
  • Litigation