Offre Sectorielle

Luxury and retail

Intellectual property and competition law impact the luxury and retail sectors on a daily basis. The protection of intangible assets and the preservation of unique know-how, subjects that are closely linked to advertising or distribution law, deeply influence the structuring of business in these sectors.

With our expertise in these areas, we have developed in-depth knowledge of these sectors and specific know-how to meet the needs of companies working in them.

Today, we accompany companies in the fashion, luxury goods, and wines and spirits sectors, and the automotive sector, applying a global approach to all aspects of their strategic development.

Our services:

  • Protection and defense of brands, patents, drawings and models, and copyrights
  • Anti-counterfeiting 
  • Commercial contracts
  • Franchising
  • Real estate transactions
  • Human resources management
  • External growth transactions
  • Restructuring